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Opening Hours on Apliu Street

Flea Market Opening Hours

The market stalls open around 10 or 11am most mornings as there are few visitors before this, however they are open late into the evening with the last ones closing around 8pm, and later on weekends and holidays.

The road becomes an official pedestrian precinct with no cars allowed at noon, and this lasts until 9pm each evening. Outside these times cars are still rare, but delivery vans bringing products to the shops are seen particularly early in the morning.

Apliu Street Public Toilet

The public facilities near the MTR exit and the center of the flea market area are open 24 hours 7 days a week and have full time cleaning staff to ensure that they are always in good condition.

Electronic Hobby shops

Major electronic Hobby shops such as WECL are open from 10:30 am until 8:00 pm Monday through Saturday while on Sundays and public holidays they open later at 12:30 pm while still closing at 8:00 pm.

Some shops are closed on the first days of the Chinese New Year, however this varies by shop and so it is best to enquire in advance.

Piece Good Shops

The fabric shops operate on more typical Hong Kong business hours and are open at 9AM Monday through Saturday, with closing time at 6pm on Monday through Friday with early closing at 1PM on Saturdays.

Fabric wholesalers on Apliu Street are closed on Sundays and most public holidays. They do not open during Chinese New Year.

Flea market and Piece Goods

The Electronics Flea Market and the Piece goods shops are the most famous parts of Aplui Street, but this important street has a long history and even now is home to a vibrant community.

Look out for the photography equipment shops, and spend some time in the public sitting out areas.

Finally don't miss all the nearby attractions.

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