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Apliu Street in Shamshuipo, Kowloon

Hungry while on Apliu Street? Don't worry, there are many places to eat either a full meal or quick snacks along the road and in neighboring side streets.

Here we see the McDonald's which is just beside the MTR Exit above the jewelry shop. Offering standard fare it is a good place to get a quick bite while on the move. Alternatively visit on of the many small Hong Kong style cafes in the area, while they are normally for local people and the waiters may have limited English, it is always possible to order by pointing at the illustrations on the walls of dishes on offer.

Typically at such small cafes a bill is written out as you order and placed on your table, pay at the desk next to the door on your way out when you have finished your meal.

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Flea market and Piece Goods

The Electronics Flea Market and the Piece goods shops are the most famous parts of Aplui Street, but this important street has a long history and even now is home to a vibrant community.

Look out for the photography equipment shops, and spend some time in the public sitting out areas.

Finally don't miss all the nearby attractions.

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