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Audio Cables Apliu Street

Each market stall tends to emphasize one particular product which they know is popular, here we see a wide range of specialist audio cables hanging from a stall that.

Many hifi enthusiasts from all over Hong Kong come to Apliu Street to buy accessories for their hobby and cables and connectors are of course always needed to complement the latest hardware in a sound system. All choices of various connectors and cable quality are available in stalls, though of course the high end shops may offer more range and the higher end.

Beware that most market stalls will not accept returned items so ensure that the correct length and heads are selected before leaving the stall.


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Flea market and Piece Goods

The Electronics Flea Market and the Piece goods shops are the most famous parts of Aplui Street, but this important street has a long history and even now is home to a vibrant community.

Look out for the photography equipment shops, and spend some time in the public sitting out areas.

Finally don't miss all the nearby attractions.

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