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Flea Market Stalls on Apliu Street

The market stalls that make up the Apliu Street Flea Market are all packed away completely each night, becoming just shut steel boxes. Therefore each morning there is quite a lot of time spent opening and setting up the display of a wide range of goods.

Many stall vendors store their stock in nearby lockups and shops so the early morning is spent moving things on large trolleys to their stall and displaying all the times.

By early afternoon all are open, except a few each day of course where the stall holder is taking a day off. As most of them are individual or at most family businesses they are not open every day.

However each day at least the majority of them will be open for browsers, particularly busy around lunch time and then again in the evening.

While not strictly a night market the area on and around Apliu Street has a lot of the same vibe as the Temple Street night market, but with a more tech focus.

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Flea market and Piece Goods

The Electronics Flea Market and the Piece goods shops are the most famous parts of Aplui Street, but this important street has a long history and even now is home to a vibrant community.

Look out for the photography equipment shops, and spend some time in the public sitting out areas.

Finally don't miss all the nearby attractions.

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