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Apliu Street in Shamshuipo, Kowloon

Located in the center of Shamshuipo district on Kowloon side, the Apliu Street flea market has been well known for years. Mostly locals, but an increasing number of visitors, come to Apliu Street to browse the amazing array of electronic gadgets, and the other interesting items like tools, photo gear and second hand items.

Sometimes known as Mens Street to contrast it with the nearby Ladies Market, Apliu Street has grown from a junk market to the center of electronic hobby shopping in Hong Kong.

Almost the whole length of the street is dedicated to not just street stalls, but also shops, and many small companies in upstairs premises as well.

Visit via MTR which will take you to the center of the road, then browse both ends, walking not only in the middle of the pedestrian way, but also on the pavement which is "behind" the stalls, but allowing you to see into the many shops.

The pictures in this gallery try to capture some of the excitement and buzz of the street, but to really feel it you should visit today!

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Flea market and Piece Goods

The Electronics Flea Market and the Piece goods shops are the most famous parts of Aplui Street, but this important street has a long history and even now is home to a vibrant community.

Look out for the photography equipment shops, and spend some time in the public sitting out areas.

Finally don't miss all the nearby attractions.

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